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Yoga – Stretching the Mind, Not Just the Body

On February 10, during her first visit to Ireland, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland’s leading and largest university, hosted Brahmacharini Shobana, an award winning yoga practitioner and teacher who has dedicated her life as a monastic in Amma’s ashram to the pursuit of authentic yoga.  Under Amma’s guidance, Shobana has been the director of AMRITA YOGA® since 2004. Having taught more than 3000 workshops, classes and retreats worldwide, she specializes in bridging the gap between the ancient traditional Eastern practice and the practical needs of yoga in the West. Shobana’s dedication to Yoga teaching has been recognized in multiple forums....

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Amrita Yoga at John Scottus Secondary School, Dublin, Ireland

In 2016, for Amma’s cultural program in Dublin, Amma Ireland contacted the John Scottus School in Rathmichael to perform Vedic chanting for Amma under the wonderful teacher Rutger Kortenhorst. It was very lovely indeed to see these young people chanting in Sanskrit, and Amma thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The school runs a junior certificate course based on Ayurveda for physical wellbeing, and on the Yoga Sutras for mental wellbeing, for 1st and 2nd year students ages 12 to 14. As part of ShobhaJi’s visit to Ireland for the first time this February, she was invited to the school by...

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Spiritual Truth About Infinity

Spiritual Truth about Infinity   A teacher asked the class, “If I have three bananas and three boys here, and if I distributed them equally, how much would each one get?” “One each.” “Suppose I had a thousand bananas and a thousand boys..?” “Even then, each one would get one.” “How did you get that answer?” “By dividing three by three, and thousand by thousand.”   Yes, divide any number by the same number, you get answer one.   One student stood up and asked, “Sorry teacher, I have a question. Suppose you had no bananas and you gave...

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Amrita Yoga Kids Retreat, ages 12-15

The first Amrita Yoga Retreat for 12 to 15-year-olds was the final in a series of three consecutive retreats that started on the New Year 2016. This retreat was a smaller group of only three: 12-year-old Nityanand from Spain, 11-year-old Tapasya, also from Spain, and 15-year-old Aisha from Ireland. The retreat comprised three sessions of yogasana, a juggling class, and an IAM session. Because of its small size, it ended up having a more personalized and informal structure catering to the specific needs and talents of each child. The asana class began with a lovely sequence to strengthen the...

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Amrita Yoga Kids Retreat, ages 8-12

This Amrita Yoga kid’s retreat also began on New Year’s Day for a small, mixed group of seven youngsters aged 8-12. It included Shyam from Australia, and ashram residents. Most had some experience with yogasana and meditation. Brahmacharini Shobha had taught some of them before, but this was their first full retreat. It was an interesting group of five boys and two girls. The retreat was structured with four asana classes over two days, including juggling, taught by Simon, a devotee from Canada. At first, some of the boys seemed a little unsure about the retreat. Shobha began with...

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