Category: Bhakti (Devotional) Talks


India, the Land of Sages and Ancient Tradition

A peculiar fascination held me from the beginning when I began to formulate the idea of traveling to India; and planning for the adventure grew in its infant stages some years ago. I knew nothing about the landscape, the people, or the religions; yet for some reason I felt that my spiritual journey required a trip to this land. Learning from friends about their amazing experiences with spiritual masters further awakened my spiritual yearnings. I wanted to live in an ashram in India and experience these things for myself. In India I discovered an entirely different world, a people...

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Yoga in Tears

However strong, flexible and enthusiastic one is, everyone has to face challenges through a continued practice. This is a story of what gave me the strength to resume my yoga. I have been practicing since early childhood. In my mid-twenties, I came face to face with injury, and learned that it need not stop me from continuing my practice, especially if done with awareness. I had a severe spinal injury from a fall that hurt a nerve around the sacral region and the hip, bringing me to my knees. It took several months to recover enough to walk even...

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Numerous Forms of Love

What can inspire us? What can help us go deeper into ourselves? The first answer that comes to my mind is Love. In this universe it is love that binds everything together. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment of life. -Amma Love can be so inspirational. Love surrounds us, pervades us. There are as many kinds of love as stars twinkling in the sky, and we can use them, and get in touch with them for the development of our souls. Reliving our devotion from memories with Amma, we can feel Her enormous love growing in our...

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The morning dew dare not compete with You for freshness or a sparkling shine. You hold the mind with radiant hue and inner thought sublime. Like moonshine glancing over silver streams, or sunbeams dancing, dappling leaf and bough, Your eye, all-seeing, gleams, the Knower of the now. The past is lost to memory; no future hopes distract my mind, absorbed in just this moment’s dream. Enraptured by your gaze – to all else blind – all thoughts consumed in this one flame, my heart ignites, and perfume fills my...

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Opening Our Hearts to New Seeds of Faith

The Amrita Yoga Beginner’s Retreat was four days of bliss by the sea at Amritapuri. Our group came together from all over the world, places like France, Germany, USA, and Brazil, to share in this experience. It was a complete exploration of yoga in all its facets including two asana classes a day; hour long talks by swamis on various topics relating the practice of yoga to the Vedic scriptures, meditations on the beach at sunset, morning archana (chanting the thousand names of the Divine Mother), purification through seva (selfless service) and ending the day with joyous bhajans (devotional singing) with...

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