Breath in Yoga Practice


Who Can Attend

  • Perfect for those who need something gentle yet effective to balance the body and reduce stress.
  • Ideal for those seeking inner relaxation with awareness.
  • First time practitioners will feel perfectly comfortable working alongside more experienced participants.


This workshop is focused on breathing techniques, asanas that will help experience breathing techniques and restorative postures.

Why Focus on Breath?

Yoga has a very scientific approach to breathing. Most people use only one-third of their lung capacity. Yoga teaches abdominal breathing, which allows us to use more of our lung capacity. You can then breathe deeper and relax more.

In general, when nature breathes its rhythms of life, there is no tension. This is the way it should be for us as well. If there is tension in our bodies, the sympathetic nerves have taken over and activated a response that is stress-inducing and, thus, life-force reducing.

Once you get used to feeling your breath in yoga asana practice, you can slowly let this breath-awareness seep into other times of the day. You can create a habit of tuning internally to your breath.

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Restorative Practice is Key

  • Restorative postures help relieve the effects of chronic stress in several ways. Restorative yoga stimulates and soothes the organs.
  • If you are comfortable in the posture, it’s possible to relax and allow the prana to flow.
  • Through relaxation, pranayama and mantra we settle down into the posture and it becomes true asana, seat.
  • Emphasis is in achieving total relaxation in the specific postures to activate the body’s self-healing abilities. It is in this place of comfort and stillness where true healing begins.

Workshop Specifics

  • Preparatory asanas at start of each asana class to get ready for breathing techniques
  • Breathing techniques that will help you lessen inner noise and create clarity of mind
  • 1 Q&A session
  • 6 svasana (breathing) sessions