Advanced Essentials of Practice
– ‘Durga Namaskarah’ –


Who Can Attend?
This is suitable for intermediate to advanced practitioners aiming to refine and expand their Amrita Yoga Sadhana. At least two previous years of a regular asana and breathing practice is required.

Yoga Sadhana Retreat Features
It helps the intermediate practitioner develop a deeper understanding of the breath-body connection and the rhythm, integrating both inner and outer alignment, thus focusing on Amrita Yoga Sadhana from a new level of awareness.

The focus is to deepen into specific intermediate and advanced asanas by emphasizing the different stages for each asana and encouraging each participant to experience an asana at their level.

Asanas, Meditation, Yoga Talks
4 Asana sessions, Meditation sessions, 1 question and answer, and 1 yoga talk based on the Indian yoga tradition and ancient scriptures.

Handout Sequence
On completion of the retreat, participants will be familiar with ‘Durga Namaskarah’, a reference sequence that can support their self-practice.

What Students Say

Yoga Sadhana Intermediate to Advanced – Durga Namaskarah

“Amrita Yoga represents devotional practice encompassing the whole 8 limbs of yoga as a living path and practical application of divine union. Amrita Yoga is a restorative, holistic teaching and complete. It is a living prayer in action towards surrender. It is the best introduction to true Yoga.”– Chereo

Yoga Sadhana Intermediate to Advanced – Durga Namaskarah

“A unique experience, a different journey. I was familiar with yoga, and I have been practicing it in different places with different teachers. These last 4 days I learnt a lot about traditional yoga practice, about Amma’s vision, and about myself. The fact that the retreat is approached through a theme Goddess Durga brings us in a very rich trip about history, teachings, introspection. A special gratitude to Shobhana for her passion and sharing her practice with us.”– Laura, France

Yoga Sadhana Intermediate to Advanced – Durga Namaskarah

“I am surprised by how much I learned, particularly about using yoga as a devotional practice and not just for health and discipline.” – David

Yoga Sadhana Intermediate to Advanced – Durga Namaskarah

“This has been an incredible retreat for me. Great attention in each posture is given – increasing my safe practice, knowledge and, most importantly, awareness while in a posture. For the first time, I felt that yoga became a part of worship, such a precious relaxation. If you have the opportunity to take the retreat, you will surely experience it as a blessing.” – Sukanya McAuley, Scotland

Yoga Sadhana Intermediate to Advanced – Durga Namaskarah

“Amrita Yoga represents a return to the true intention and tradition of yoga, which is to seek God-Realization under the guidance of a spiritual master, and not just an asana, pranayama, or even just a meditation practice.” – Vishnu