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Universal Motherhood: What that Means

The theme of our 4-Day Intermediate to Advanced Amrita Yoga Retreat (January 27-31, 2015) was Universal Motherhood. As a man, I felt somewhat marginalized, but it took me by surprise and led me to the truth in a loving way. Coming from the strenuous background of Ashtanga Yoga, I was expecting an asana class centered on motherhood that would be too easy and gentle. Instead it was intense, fun-loving and challenging. I come from a culture that views motherhood with condescension, even so-called feminists daring to treat wives and mothers with disdain. But this was different. The first-day asanas...

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If we are considering a spiritual discipline, we want to know why. What is the purpose of my life? Why would I do these things? This is one advantage to being human; we have the ability to ask questions. And the answers are bound to reveal themselves. It’s inevitable. This is how many people, including myself, end up on the spiritual path. I considered myself an average guy without any inclination towards the higher goals of life. For some unknown reason, though, I started questioning. I used to be an Olympic athlete. I achieved a lot in my life,...

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The Divine Guidance of the Guru

Swami Amritageetananda Puri tells new students that Amrita University is perhaps the only university in the world where the students can meet the Chancellor in person and discuss their problems! The Chancellor of Amrita University is, of course, Amma. Since not all students are devotees, Swami Amritageetananda explains why we regard and worship a human being–we mean Amma–as Jagadamba (the Divine Mother) in an unassuming human form. The Teachings are Offered I told some students of an experience I had many years ago visiting a home in North India. The host was an elderly person who had a twenty-year-old...

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Living From The Heart

Living from the Heart Amma is an example of how to live from the heart; how to live moment to moment in a constant state of supreme happiness. She spends every day of her life embracing thousands of people. Amma wipes away their tears, giving guidance and offering solace to all. She is never tired or annoyed and is established in a state of unconditional love and pure awareness. How is this possible? Amma shows us the way. Amma is established in a state of unconditional love and pure awareness. Amma teaches us the language of the heart. She...

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The Real Shivaratri!

Shivaratri is meditation on the real nature of God, which is Pure Consciousness. We go from the Roopam (form of God) to Swaroopam (His real nature). We start with meditating on Amma’s form, and gradually we realize that Amma is Antaryami (omniscient). When I see Amma before me, I know that by Her power alone my eyes can see; when I hear Her Satsang and Bhajans, by Her power alone my ears can hear; by Her power alone my mind understands what She is saying and my hand writes it. Amma is within Me in the form of Pure...

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