Essentials of Practice through Bhakti
– ‘Lalita Namaskarah’ –

Who Can Attend?
This is intended for practitioners who have completed the Amrita Yoga Sadhana Beginners Foundation or those who have 1-2 years of asana practice from other traditions.

5-Day Yoga Sadhana Retreat Features
It establishes a solid foundation into the tools of Amrita Yoga as a sadhana routine with emphasis on the essential asanas and breathing techniques.

To deepen one’s focus and self-confidence along their journey.

Retreat Elements
9 asana sessions with chants from ‘Sri Lalita Sahasranamah’, Meditation sessions, 1 question and answer, and 1 yoga talk based on a holistic approach to yoga.

Handout Sequence
On completion of the retreat, participants will be familiar with ‘Lalita Namaskarah’, a bhakti sadhana routine and a daily practice sequence.

What Students Say

Nora from USA

“The themes chosen for the retreat (including dedication, openness, integration and equanimity) allow passages into the practice to open. It feels as if each theme offers a new angle in which to appreciate the extensive elements of yoga in general and Amrita Yoga in particular. The meditative element was an interesting new tool to incorporate into yoga.” – Nora, Age 54

Krishnan from India

“Particularly, I could learn so much as to the spiritual value of yoga. A totally new perspective of approaching the postures was offered.”– Krishnan, Age 33

Nicole from Canada

“This is going to change my life greatly… well, it already has! Every detail that was explained made so much sense. I feel that this is a major thing that I need to bring in my life more. I knew nothing of Amma before I came here, and I feel truly inspired by Her now and TOTALLY agree with Her teachings. Finally something in my life makes sense! I really want to show people my love.” – Nicole, Age 21

Katherine from USA

“The gifts of Amrita Yoga are beyond words. My sense of equanimity and well-being has flowered. I feel more centered, present, and patient when I am with others.” – Katherine, Age 59

Jacob from Australia

“Even if I was not always very flexible, I really felt that I was receiving a lot, and connecting much deeper within, as in a long and intense meditation. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the real substance of yoga!” – Jacob, Age 24

Carol from France

“This experience has been deep and rewarding for me. I feel that my life will now take a new and more awareess-filled turn.” – Carol, Age 68

Solene Forest from France

“Many thanks, Shobana, for this wonderful retreat! Clear and easy instructions brought devotion into my yoga practice and daily life. It was a pleasure to learn the chanting. The effect of the asanas is now much deeper. A very dynamic class!” – Solene Forest, Aradhana, Age 41

Nuala from UK

“A fantastic course covering the full spectrum of Bhakti Yoga. I particularly enjoyed the talk. I was able to submerge myself in the topic, really melt in bhakti. Thank you for all your effort, patience and support.” – Nuala, Age 49

Laura from Germany

“It was such a pleasure to participate in this wonderful and rewarding retreat. I gained a deeper understanding and practice of devotion, a stronger foundation with the basics, even a seamless coordination of movement with breath – all suffused with devotion!

I realized again that yoga is so much more than just physical exercises – thank you! I was able to access myself more deeply in these sessions, and I am very grateful for this powerful devotional experience.” – Laura, Age 35

Nirmal from Belgium

“The course deepened my experience of bhakti, especially during the yoga. It inspired me to think about it in new ways, and the many different kinds one can practice. From the first moment, the lighting the lamp, I felt that overwhelming sensation.  A warm feeling spread throughout my body. Thank you, Shobana, for your inspiring words and presence.” – Nirmal, Age 68

Bert from Germany

“I have always been missing this in yoga. Through this course I learned how to integrate bhakti into my asanas. It now transforms my yoga practice into a mystical dance in front of the Divine Mother.” – Bert, Age 58