Indian Adults

Amrita Yoga for Indian Adults

The body and mind are both interconnected and interdependent instruments. A healthy mind and body are vital for holistic living. To ensure the wellbeing of both, the ancient Indian rishis (seers) divined the practices of yoga and meditation. Masters, who have interpreted and adapted the age-old teachings, in keeping with the times, have shared this invaluable wealth to interested seekers throughout the ages.

Today, Amma is imparting the riches of this ancient wisdom to modern society through Amrita Yoga.

Classes and Retreats in Indian Languages at Amritapuri

In keeping with the Indian culture’s belief that the highest gift is that of knowledge, Amrita Yoga offers a weekend retreat every month at Amritapuri, in the major India languages, exclusively for Indian adults.

During Amma’s Darshan Days (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) every month we offer a weekend retreat exclusive for Indians in Indian languages here at Amritapuri. There are thousands of people from different parts of India, who arrive at Amritapuri to receive Amma’s embrace.

We offer these classes in order to help refresh and rejuvenate their minds and bodies, and to soak them into a nourishing practice. They are open for all levels of experience, including beginners.

Each class introduces the hallmark elements of Amrita Yoga such as the integration of Amma’s spiritual teachings, the internal chanting of mantras during asana practice along with a deep focus on simple asanas and the Surya Namaskarah sequence.

Classes and Retreats in Indian languages at M.A. Centers in India

Amma recommends at least fifteen minutes of daily asana practice is important to balance our life and well being.

We offer regular weekend classes at many of our centers in India.  These classes are offered for general public. Prior registration is important.

For further details, please call our inquiry number: +918589003787.