Holistic Health

Amrita Therapeutic Yoga

Amrita Therapeutics offers a vision of health that respects the interconnectedness of all of life and is aligned with our highest evolutionary potential.  The focus in Amrita Therapeutics is on inner relaxation through deep relaxation techniques, linking movement to rhythmic breathing and other ancient tools as the center of healing and holistic health.

It is an inherently holistic approach, simultaneously working on the different layers of the body and mind with awareness.  The key elements in Amrita Therapeutics are pure love and complete relaxation. Practicing yoga from this space of total relaxation is an offering from the heart-center. Amrita Therapeutic Yoga workshops and classes are for all kinds of people and not just the fit and flexible.  If you are out-of-shape, elderly, have never done yoga before, are not in good health, have not exercised recently, have diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, back trouble, are overweight or have Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or other conditions, this gentle practice is beneficial.  Our therapy class can be for anyone recovering from cancer or dealing with a medical condition.

Senior Yoga/ Chair Yoga

Anyone who has trouble getting up and down from the floor or needs the assistance of a chair to do yoga can be benefited from Amrita Yoga.  Elders who are wheelchair-bound or incapacitated by dementia are also served.  Use of props help students safely experience all the benefits of each pose.

Amrita Gentle Flow Class

These gentle flow classes are for those brand new to asana practice, wanting to slow down the practice, learn the basics, returning to practice after a break, seeking to gently build inner strength, flexibility and balance, recovering from injury or illness and want to slowly restore your practice, needing to feel nourished, restored and renewed.  Students feel nourished, nurtured and restored while continuing to build inner strength, flexibility and balance.