Integrative Wellness: Asana, Pranayama, Ayurveda

Integrative Wellness

Integrative wellness is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. It offers a body of wisdom to help people realize their full human potential through awakening the powers of self-healing within us.

Yoga- including both asana postures and breathing practices, and Ayurveda- balancing our physical and energetic systems and using diet and herbal treatment, are two “sister” practices that originated in India thousands of years ago. Explored together these complementary practices can offer us transformative tools to foster greater health and vitality.

Workshop Specifics

This workshop will focus on how combining Ayurveda and Yoga principles and practice can catalyze a complete physical, mental and spiritual transformation of the individual.

A typical day includes two yoga asana classes- including breathing techniques and practice, a meditation session, a talk on harmonizing our life according to ayurvedic principles, and enjoying an ayurvedically balanced meal at the School of Ayurveda. All asana classes and talks will be at Amritapuri, headquarters of MA Math.

Practice of appropriate breathing techniques, understanding to balance and harmonize energies as in Ayurveda and understanding to practice a suitable asana sequence will be our focus.

Enjoy an Ayurvedic diet and a short tour at Amrita School of Ayurveda.

Talks Will Include

  • Discovering one’s personality, physical and mental constitution according to Ayurveda.
  • How to customize lifestyle, diet, yoga asana and breathing practices based on ayurvedic constitution.
  • Guidelines on creating ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet and behavior.

What Students Say

Michele from Germany

“The yoga instructions were precise, clear and were taught with helpful explanations. I learned more about the effect of yoga on your body, and how you can positively influence your dosha with different techniques. I experienced deeper body awareness.

I learned a lot and enjoyed the entertaining lectures on Ayurveda. The teacher’s connection and passion awoke in me a deep interest and passion for Ayurveda.

The atmosphere was great for learning.” – Michele, Age 33

Irena from Czech Republic/Scotland

“I am very grateful for this workshop. It brought my yoga practice and my witness consciousness beautifully together. It gave me everyday tools to be more balanced, more at ease, and more efficient. The asana classes had great structure and clear guidance.

The talks were amazing – profound yet simple insights into Ayurveda. It was a very enjoyable experience. I would be grateful for some longer workshops with certification.” – Irena, Age 38

Marianne from Switzerland

“Thank you very much for this inspiring course. I loved the topic, the way it was interpreted, the Vedic pulse reading, and the understanding it gave me about my dosha.

I loved the way both teachers taught very much. I felt supported, accepted, and inspired to go beyond my limitations, and to accept myself on a deeper level. Thank you, team, and Amma, so very much!” – Marianne, Age 59

Vidya from India

“The talk on Ayurveda by Dr. Ram Manohar was a real eyeopener. It gave great insight on how to live a healthy life with spiritual values, understanding body and mind, and overcoming weaknesses and shortcomings. Though an Indian, it was insightful to understand and deepen my knowledge about ancient India’s practices of yoga and Ayurveda and the innate connection between the two.  I hope to attend more retreats on this topic. Thank you so much for your wisdom and valuable time, Brahmacharini ShobhaJi and Dr. Ram Manohar!” – Vidya, Age 47

Beat Thomas from Switzerland

“The retreat was a great introduction to the connections between Ayurveda and Yoga. Dr. Ram was inspiring – I was deeply impressed by his profound knowledge – and ShobhaJi’s yoga classes demonstrated what we had learned through Ayurveda. Most important for me was the constant focus on the highest spiritual goal at each asana session. Thank you so much.” – Beat Thomas, Age 62

Alessandra from Italy

“I felt a great calm and joy throughout the asana classes and the Ayurvedic lectures, as both teachers conveyed so much love for what they were doing. I learned so much about building a sequence for my body constitution and keeping it adaptable, even to such things as time, place, the weather and the variable status of the day. I just loved Dr Ram’s lectures. They really made me aware of how precious my body is and the importance of diet.

Just simply, thank you!” – Alessandra, Age 52