amritayoga.com_24-Apr_Jnana Talks_Spiritual Truth About InfinitySpiritual Truth about Infinity


A teacher asked the class, “If I have three bananas and three boys here, and if I distributed them equally, how much would each one get?”

“One each.”

“Suppose I had a thousand bananas and a thousand boys..?”

“Even then, each one would get one.”

“How did you get that answer?”

“By dividing three by three, and thousand by thousand.”


Yes, divide any number by the same number, you get answer one.


One student stood up and asked, “Sorry teacher, I have a question. Suppose you had no bananas and you gave them to none, then how much would we each get?”


All the students roared in laughter. But not the teacher. The teacher felt that this little boy had a point. The teacher left the matter there.


But that student didn’t. He worked on that question for a long time and arrived at the answer, ‘Infinity.’


Divide any number with zero, you get zero. For there will be no actual division taking place.

Divide any number by the same number, you get one. For it becomes equal sharing.

But divide nothing by nothing, then the possibility becomes inexplicable. So you get infinity as answer.


In spiritual life we search for infinity, and in order to experience infinity you need to be nothing, feel and experience nothing.


A great reminder of spiritual life and Amma’s words:

Become a zero to be a hero.

In the attitude that, “I am nothing,” we truly become everything.


Author: Brahmacharini Shobhana (story from anonymous)