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Spirituality is the Practicality of Life

The worm also eats, sleeps and procreates, so what is the difference if we merely do the same? Just as we pardon our hand when we poke our eye, we should be able to show compassion and forgive the faults of others. Their joys and sorrows become our own when we see ourselves in them through compassion. That is the essence of spirituality. Knowing we will get burned touching fire, and an electric shock from a live wire, we will also come to understand the nature of the world and its relationships. We will learn to deal with them...

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 Can Amma explain the benefits of practicing Surya Namaskarah?

Can Amma explain the benefits of practicing Surya Namaskarah? (Question to Amma at the beach on Monday, Sept 14, 2015) Amma’s Answer – In the olden days, Yoga was part and parcel of daily life. Nearly everyone practiced asanas as a daily routine like brushing their teeth or taking a bath. Surya Namaskarah was an essential part of their practice. It was a natural expression of gratitude to Mother Earth, the One who supports us as our mothers bore us in their wombs. When Amma was young, she would bow to Mother Earth and offer prayers to the sun....

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Yoga is a Comprehensive Way of Life & Dharmic Values

Yoga is a comprehensive way of life & dharmic values Yoga keeps the body fit and mind still 21 June 2020 from Amma’s message on International Day of Yoga In the five years since the United Nations formed International Day of Yoga, yoga has found astonishing popularity. Most nations now recognize that yoga boosts physical, emotional, and intellectual health. Yoga, like Ayurveda, is a priceless gift to the world from the ancient rishis of Bharat. The meaning of the word yoga is “coming together” or “joining.” Yoga unites our body, breath, mind, and awareness in a potent harmony. If...

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Mothers Should Illumine the World

Mothers Should Illumine the World Children, once when Amma was giving darshan, a youth came up to her. He lived in a part of India that was ravaged by terrorism. Because of the frequent killings and lootings, the people in thatarea were suffering a great deal. He told Amma that he was the leader of a group of youngsters who were doing a lot of social work in that area. He prayed to Amma, “Please give those terrorists, who are so full of hatred and violence, the right understanding. And for all those who have faced so many atrocities...

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Amma’s Time Management – A Unique and Yogic Style

Amma’s Time Management – A Unique and Yogic Style Everyone in this world has only 24 hours in a day. In Indian culture the Goddess Kali is worshiped as the embodiment of time and energy. This formless divine principle, which is beyond time and space, has assumed a human form and is living in our midst as our beloved Amma. Like everyone else, She too has only 24 hours in a day. We can learn a lot from Amma, especially in how effectively She utilizes each available moment. Amma’s time management style is unique; we could call it a...

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