Yoga and Vedanta Retreat
All Levels

The Yoga and Vedanta Retreat is primarily based on the teachings of our beloved Amma Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.

Who Can Attend

  • Designed for those eager to learn about Indian Philosophy and spirituality.
  • It is equally suited for those seeking basic knowledge from a traditional exposition of Vedanta.


  • Introduction to Advaita Vedanta based on the teachings of Adi Shankaracharya and Amma through a series of lectures.
  • Amma’s approach to Vedanta as a practical tool.
  • To offer some practical vedantic tools which help spur a student’s spiritual growth leading to a higher degree of assimilation of Self-Knowledge (Atma-Jnana).

Advaita (non-duality) is the state in which there is only One. It is the state in which you spontaneously see everyone as being the same as your own Self. It is not something you talk about; it is a state to be experienced. – Amma (E.W.1 p.64)

Workshop Specifics

  • 2 Asana Classes
  • Meditation sessions
  • 5 Yoga Talks on the Basics of Vedanta


  • Handouts on basics of Vedanta