Ashram children are fortunate indeed (to put it mildly) to grow up in the environment created by Amma. Among innumerable other blessings this past summer, were Amma’s room darshan and bhajans.  

Their memories include an Amrita Yoga class for tiny tots. It was full of fun, mischief, poetry. They began sitting in a large circle that morphed into another, smaller circle inside for the tiniest tots with Brahmacharini Shobha in the center! While everyone else’s eyes were closed, Prema and Amrita fought it out between them over who was not keeping her eyes shut. While Amritavarshini was intent upon the teaching, Kuruvi hopped around on her own. Pranav, the only boy, made his presence felt by doing nothing.

As she demonstrated the asanas, Shobha sang, “Butterfly, butterfly, take me also very high!” The children sat in a circle, tiny legs pointed inwards and then swinging up in air to the rhythm of the song. The little girls also raised their hands to the sky and called out to Amma to bestow Her love so that they also could love and serve others. In conclusion, they all rested in Savasana, and then rose imitating the twittering of the birds outside. 

It was a fun and action-packed class!

Amrita Yoga for Tiny Tots
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Amrita Yoga for Tiny Tots