amritayoga.com_20-Oct_Retreat Experiences_How Did I Get Into Amrita YogaAmma says she has only one thing to tell us: “Our lives should be of some benefit to the world. We should sincerely love and console at least one life, for at least a moment, without any expectations.”

Amrita Yoga is born out of Amma’s sankalpa. It is full of her grace and infused with her divine energy. Chanting the divine syllables “MA” and “OM” as you practice makes you come alive and become one with your inner self.

‘Surya Namaskarah’ was all the yoga that I ever thought I could do, or that was all yoga for me. I was neither good at it, nor very regular; so, I kept my practice to a minimum. I had a few DVDs stacked up collecting dust that I had bought over the years with hope of someday teaching myself some yoga with the help of my DVD “teachers.”

I knew the literal meaning of the word “yoga”, which is “union” (of the body and Atman or divine). The modern day practice to me is all about flexibility, postures and endurance etc., which I had none of. The picture perfect body of all the yoga teachers and the students was also a deterrent for me ever getting enthusiastic about yoga.

So a chance question to Amma at the end of one of Amma’s U.S. tours went something like this: “What should I do now that summer tour is coming to an end? I would like something to do that would be of service to Amma?” The answer that came surprised me. I was to learn Amrita Yoga and teach others!  I could not believe that.

I was convinced there was a mistake by the interpreter. It can’t be me; look at me, I don’t feel physically fit to learn yoga, let alone learn to teach others! I struggled with the idea for a long time and finally decided to give it a try. I checked to see when the next time Amrita Yoga for “Beginners”—the Foundation Retreat—was offered and enrolled myself after a lengthy chat with the instructor, Brahmacharini Shobhana.

She had more confidence in me than I had in me. I was sure that when she would see me in action, she would let me know it was not for me. But we all know that Amma, the all-knowing, never just says something. She has a plan for us. I, for sure, was not questioning that. I knew that I had Amma’s blessings. It was up to me to make it work!

I had the most amazing time learning the basics of Amrita Yoga in the most gentle, peaceful and caring environment by the teacher, who practices what she teaches. I am able to meditate better by focusing on “MA…OM” breathing pattern, and feel a deeper connection with Amma.

Just like Richard Fullers has said, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.” I can say that I see nothing in me worthy of offering but Amma sees something very different.

I can’t wait to be an instrument in her hands, and to be able to serve her in my very limited capacity. I just completed the Yoga Sadhana Beginners Foundation Retreat and Yoga Sadhana for Experienced Beginners ‘Lalita Namaskarah’, a week before. I look forward to many more invigorating Amrita Yoga retreats. I feel like a lump of clay ready to be shaped into something from nothing.

Om Amriteshwaryai Namah.

Author: Seema Dwivedi