The Two-Week Immersion Program leading up to Amma’s 60th Birthday proved to be a very deep experience. Devotees from around the world arrived for the birthday celebrations early enough to be able to attend this program, the hallmark of Amrita Yoga courses. One strong emphasis of the Two-Week Immersion Program is to help students develop a self-practice so they can continue their yoga sadhana without being dependent on the teachers. Here is what some of the students said at the end of this course:

“As the course began, it gradually became an eye-opener. As we progressed, it became something of a heart-opener. Not having any clear expectations and only entering the hall with an open mind, I had really no idea! A few days into the course, I began to deepen my awareness of my goal and the purpose of taking the course. I had come to India, to the Amritapuri Ashram, to receive what I have been searching for all my life – though not until now was I aware of it. This course opened my heart. And it has become deeply transformative and life changing for me. Never before have I been so happy and joyful for so long. Even though some of the happiness is external, I feel a calm joy, deep down, which is beyond words. I have connected to something greater than myself and this is profound and lasting. A large part of my experience is due to the very competent, loving and sincere teachers, without whom I would not have come so far. They have been extraordinary and Amma’s grace has been with all of us.”
~Peder R – Denmark

“My experience was exactly what I hopedit would be – more than I could hope for! The course’s schedule to start on the gross level worked very well and integrated the day nicely. The layout of the course mixed with the ashram’s pre-existing schedule and the satsangs that were given were nicely laid out. They all seemed to come at the exact right moment; the speakers had a great influence on me. The assistants were also continuously helpful – when I would start wondering if I was holding a pose correctly or not, they would be there to help me. Or, even a glance in my direction would bring me back to focus if my mind would start to wander. The teachers, as before, were outstanding. They did not allow any of their own problems mix into their teaching, something that I usually see in longer courses like this.”
~Sarah N – USA

“The Amrita Yoga course was very well-structured. Spiritual aspects such as themes and quotes were integrated seamlessly, spiritualizing the whole experience. All in all, the course went beyond just being about asanas. It really demonstrated how Amrita Yoga is a tool on the spiritual path. I’d like to say a sincere thank you to the instructors for their energy and warm presence. It really felt as though Amma was guiding the whole thing!”
~Amar R – Australia