amritayoga.com_20-Mar_Jnana Talks_Perfection...And The Great Adventure of LifeIn our quest towards perfection or total awareness, we continuously try to improve ourselves and mitigate our negative patterns as well as distressing thoughts and emotions. Everyone has different burdens and aspects to improve.


How can the burdens one bears be wiped away?

Can we get rid of bitterness, anger, sadness, sorrow and fear?

There are many ways of succeeding when these feelings come to us.


It may be possible to vanish negative thoughts by diverting our attention. Instead of going deeper into our sorrows, we may change our negative vibrations into positive ones when we focus our attention on other, more constructive feelings. We can give strength to our chosen positive thoughts and feelings, allowing the negative patterns to get lost in the sea of indifference.


When we can focus our attention in God—the source of all joy and bliss—and cling to this divine feeling, our sorrows can lessen.  If we exercise this every day, there will be a moment when this behavior will come spontaneously, and we will have to put less and less effort to be balanced.


“Whether you are suffering in this life, or smiling with opulence and power, your consciousness should remain unchanged. If you can accomplish even-mindedness, nothing can ever hurt you.”

Paramahansa Yogananda


Another way of succeeding is not giving so much importance to the ephemeral.

By keeping an open mind and focusing on the big picture, we can avoid narrow ways of thinking. The reality is what we think of it, and there are as many realities as people’s points of view. The key, then, may be having a positive attitude along with grateful eyes and an open heart and always continuing to strive for being better day-by-day.


“We cannot change the situations in life. We can change our attitude towards them.”



It may also be possible for our bitter or negative emotions to vanish through simple observations of what they are. Sometimes, when we do not like something in ourselves, we tend to escape from it, avoid it, and suppress it, but this is not always the solution. We better face the issue by observing it and trying to get information from it. What lesson may be learnt from this emotion, this situation? We can understand a lot just by being present.


“I always remember this truth when I mentally try to find a way to escape from something that seems hard for me. I think then: “I am escaping, not overcoming.”

Sri Gyanamata


In the end, the answers for many questions come from just being AWARE and observing with deep attention.


This is a very important point. Some patterns may disappear just by observing them with deep attention, without judging and without trying to force anything. This is a practice of observing impartially.


The mind must be extraordinarily quiet for absorbed observation.


We may go beyond the “likes” and “dislikes”, the translations, interpretations and mental distortions.


It is of vital importance to develop a sharp, one pointed mind, capable of observation. This can be managed by increasing our concentration through the good habit of daily meditation. Then the mind can penetrate into the unknown, perceive the very structure of the ego and go beyond, finding the possibility to be fixed on God.


The process of going within is a very exciting journey, discovering ourselves and striving to be better. Is this not a great challenge?


If we have love for the goal, we can also have love for the path and even enjoy this process.


Never forget to smile, as Amma says, outwardly and inwardly.


May the Divine Mother guide us, alleviate our suffering and help us to release our unnecessary burdens.


May all of us be able to enjoy the great adventure of life while we pursue our goal with awareness and love.


Author: Silvia Hidalgo Daya