amritayoga.com_Yoga Talks_My First Time with Amrita Yoga (1)This is my first time in Amritapuri, here for three and a half months, embraced by Amma’s grace, love, light, lila and prasad in superabundance.

Amrita Yoga is a multi-faceted experience, guided heart and soul by Amma’s instructors. Asanas incorporate Amma’s words and mantras and, most enjoyably, breath links the mantras MA and OM. I was just getting used to practicing the MA OM Meditation with Amma, and here I am, delighted to find such a complementary practice in Amrita Yoga.

There is a trend growing in the international yoga community to restore yoga to its spiritual dimensions. Teachers and students who have practiced only the physical aspect for decades are now advocating a profound shift. Amrita Yoga is here at the forefront. With faith, focus and dedication, we can allow Amma to lead and support us in this exalted sadhana (practice leading to liberation).

Amrita Yoga is a braid interweaving body, breathing, mantra, mind and heart. In class we practice staying in the present. Our lovely instructors are there to answer questions and guide us.

For my own practice, I begin with prayer, then 15 minutes of postures (chosen with the time, weather and my needs all taken into due consideration), and savasana (full relaxation). Then I roll to the right and sit up for 10-15 minutes of the MA OM Meditation, ending with prayer and the chanting of Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

I think most us probably experience tamas, or inertia when we try a new practice. That something as silly as the mind can exert such an influence is worth a smile if not a laugh. Home practice can be short to begin with, and then when we yearn for more. And this is no ordinary practice, with everything that Amma has given us. If we practice with awareness and with the right address and stamp on the letter, for every step we take to Her, She moves 108 steps towards us.

My First Time with Amrita Yoga at Amritapuri
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My First Time with Amrita Yoga at Amritapuri