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Last week, I was in Kerala for one week with family.  Even though I heard a lot about Amma, I never thought of going to Amtitapuri because of my busy schedule.


I was always rational in my thinking. Why should I waste time in going to meet saints?  I just thought I should do my duty, and then the rest would be taken care by God.

It all happened as a surprise for me.  On a morning in March 2014, I was with my brother at his residence at Karunagapally.  As per our schedule, we had planned to leave Karunagapally at 8.00 in the morning by train to go to Trivandrum.  We packed everything and were ready to call one auto rickshaw for the railway station.


Then, the morning newspaper came.  I read some news about Amma and, out of curiosity, I asked my brother, “Where is Amma now?”


“You can have a visit and experience it,” he replied.
We confirmed over the phone that Amma was available for darshan on that day. I had never met her, but we decided to visit Amma at the Amritapuri Ashram, rescheduling our entire program.
By 8.00 a.m., my family, along with my brother, were in the Ashram. We received the darshan token and waited for our turn.


It was my turn to have Amma’s darshan.  Amma hugged me and whispered in my ear “Madhu Kutta,” which is my name. It was a great experience for me. I asked a few questions to her, which I am not disclosing due to personal privacy, but she replied. I never expected that from Amma.


My entire ego washed away. After darsan, I asked my family members about their experience, and my elder son also confirmed that she called him by his name.
DARSHAN of AMMA was a turning point in my life. I have realized that Amma knows everything. She can read our minds, and she is the mother of the universe.
I invite everyone to have Amma’s darshan at least once, irrespective of their religious faith. She will definitely help in leading your life in the right direction.


Author: Madhu