amritayoga.com_27-Dec_Jnana (Wisdom) Talks_Many Paths but One Goal, One Truth, One God“God is one. Manifestations are many.”

“Truth is one. The sages call it by different names.”

The world is truly diverse, and yet at the same time, there is a profound oneness between all of us. We are one and not separated from God or the rest of the creation. There are many religions, beliefs and philosophies but, at the core of each of them, we share the same eternal principles.

Amma says,, “Regardless of how different the paths are, the goal is always the same: the Ultimate Truth.”

“All doors cannot be opened with the same key. In a similar way, we need different keys to fit our different samskaras and levels of understanding.”

“Because spiritual masters teach different paths, more people are able to imbibe the teachings. A deaf child has to be taught in sign language. A blind child is taught through braille, through the sense of touch. And if the child is mentally retarded, we have to go down to his or her level and explain things in a simple, understandable way. Only when the teaching is suited to them, can the different students absorb what is being taught.”


We are living in a period with an abundance of spiritual teachings. Never before has humanity had such access to this incredible amount of information. Modern technology has made extraordinary things posible and enhanced global comunication.

In the past, spiritual teachings were available to a few people. Nowadays, many teachings are spread all over the world and are available to all of us.

On one side, this is really positive because we have a huge variety of spiritual modalities to choose from. On the other hand, this excess flow of information may mislead us into following inappropriate teachings.

How do we know if a teaching is appropriate?

First of all, we may see the example set by the master: The life of the guru must be an example of his or her teachings.

Secondly, it is up to us to investigate, to practice and see how we feel, how we resonate with the teachings.

We may absorb knowledge here and there, but once we have found the path for us, it is advisable to stick with it, to go deeper into the practice, and immerse into it. We need to experience it as much posible, if we want to have measurable positive effects and a real improvement along our spiritual path.

The pace of progress is different for every individual, depending on many factors, such as his or her samskaras, karma, etc., but it is our perseverance, faith and devotion with which the sadhana (spiritual practice), is performed that counts the most.

When the longing is strong enough, when the devotee’s practice is a strong pillar in his life—profoundly rooted—then God cannot be indiferent to that love and yearning, and will start showering grace into the person’s life. That’s when blessings manifest.

There is a common message, a common goal, in all religions or spiritual paths.

They differ in form and culture, but yet the search and the paths are in the same direction. Many ways lead to the same destiny, each of them suiting different individuals.

All true creeds talk about God being love, not separate from us, about our soul being one with God and creation, and about virtue and trying to be better and help others as much as posible. They talk about bringing love and presence into our lives and to follow the example set by realized masters and avatars, such as Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, etc.

The final goal is the same: to merge with God, with our true essence, and get enlightnened, awakened, self-realised.

Once we are liberated from this dream of maya, freed from ignorance, we can then be absorbed in eternal and evernew joy and bliss.

The different creeds and spiritual practices act as maps and guides to show us the way, shedding light onto our path towards perfection.

There is a need for fulfillment inside every human being. It depends on each individual to give shape to that call of the soul, in one way or another.

Many people try, because of their ignorance, to find fullfillment in the material world, through pleasures of the senses. But desires only give birth to more desires, and this is not an effective way to quench the thirst of the soul.

The most valuable choice is getting immersed in a truthful spiritual path, looking within rather than outside in the search for Self Realization.

Following the teachings and example set by great masters, who are realized souls and a Satguru like Amma, may bring enormous joy and fullfillment into our lives and speed up our journey towards divinity.

May we not only be grateful for the abundance of valuable teachings but also put them into practice, as Amma does every minute of her life.

We can make a change in this world, starting with ourselves and then spreading our love to others.

May our thoughts and actions always be infused with true love.

May all be able to practice our sadhana with love and devotion.

May we all realize our ultimate goal.

Author: Silvia Hidalgo Daya