amma leading devotional singing

Amma joyfully leading devotional singing.

Living from the Heart

Amma is an example of how to live from the heart; how to live moment to moment in a constant state of supreme happiness. She spends every day of her life embracing thousands of people. Amma wipes away their tears, giving guidance and offering solace to all. She is never tired or annoyed and is established in a state of unconditional love and pure awareness. How is this possible? Amma shows us the way.

Amma is established in a state of unconditional love and pure awareness.

Amma spreading joy to all beings.

Amma teaches us the language of the heart. She shows that to give love to others you must first find that pure love within. This love is constant and changeless. It does not depend on external conditions. Pure love is the flowering of Divine consciousness. Compassion and forgiveness are its fruits. In such conditions, peace prevails. Amma demonstrates that world peace begins with us. She is the supreme benefactor to the world, radiating beauty and fragrance to all beings.

Where Amma spends much of Her time, Amritapuri provides ideal conditions to experience the miracle of Amrita Yoga’s philosophy of ‘Living from the Heart’. A community of people striving to embody Amma’s example is a profound learning experience. In an atmosphere where devotees sincerely strive to put others’ needs before their own, a most mysterious upliftment takes place—extraordinary and life-changing.

Heart-centered selfless service

Compassion in Action

This community spirit is evident during big spontaneous events. At times, Amma calls for everyone to help with a project. People step out of their normal routines and help in whatever way they can. Amma is first to do the hardest work.

Cleaning the local holy site of Sabarimala was a big event. Amma agreed to support the government cleanup of trash accumulated from thousands of pilgrims over years. We took out the staggering amount of 50,000 bags of trash in three days! This incredible achievement is a monumental testament to focused collective effort!

Amma is first to do the hardest work.

Amritapuri functions because of its volunteers. Everyone manages all aspects of the community. We cook, clean, recycle, garden, and perform administrative tasks. Even a visitor staying for only one day may offer much.

“The beauty and charm of selfless love and service should not die away from the face of the earth. The world should know that a life of dedication is possible, that a life inspired by love and service to humanity is possible.”—Amma

Amrita Yoga

Devotional pose during Amrita Yoga retreat.

“Awareness with heart-centered intention” is the motto of Amrita Yoga. Amma wishes to keep these elements at the core of the program content and training. All of the teaching methods aim to help students connect with their inner heart. The mechanical and physical aspects of the body are important, but we cannot ignore the spiritual essence.

An important element of Amrita Yoga is bhava. This is a Divine mood that connects us to the core of our being. The teacher helps us find and invoke this mood in each pose. Visualizing the heart center is an important aspect of Amrita Yoga. Many students have expressed how this connection with the heart has helped them in life.

Bhava is a Divine mood that connects us to the core of our being.

A devotee who attended several retreats at Amritapuri wrote: “One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over my time with Amma is that whenever I act from the heart, everything flows. I believe we can achieve anything in life if it comes from our hearts. After completing an Amrita Yoga retreat, I feel like hugging everyone I meet.
My heart feels so open! Life is easy when we are in our hearts, and to stay in our hearts is the daily challenge.”

Living from the heart brings forth an inner strength. This helps cultivate our innate courage and self-confidence. Love breaks all the boundaries that keep us feeling separate from others. It makes us fearless.

Amma says that each one of us is a beautiful and unique expression of the Divine. Each one of us can learn how to access that still center of the heart. We can be firmly established in the heart in everything we do.

Amma says that each one of us is a beautiful and unique expression of the Divine.

Living From The Heart
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Living From The Heart
Amma shows us how to live from the heart. We must first find love within before we can give love to others wholeheartedly. Amma shows by example that when we act from the heart, we can effortlessly live our lives in dedication to the upliftment of the world. Amrita Yoga shows us how to act with heart-centered intention and bring forth our inner strength.