amritayoga.com_Yoga Talks_Kali Namaskarah Intermediate RetreatAmrita Yoga is presenting a new retreat for its graduates and more experienced yoga practitioners this year. This 9-day yoga immersion program at Amritapuri features a new daily schedule offering 3 daily meditations, group seva projects and a bhajana (devotional song) to invoke the grace of Mother Kali before starting the morning asana practice. Gradually we build the new sequence from Amrita Yoga, ‘Kali Namaskarah.’

The Divine Mother Kali, Dispeller of Darkness, grants liberation to Her devotees. Her frightening appearance is greatly misunderstood. The closer you get to Her terrific form, the more you discover that She is pure love and compassion.

This retreat has been designed with the creativity, intensity and playfulness of the Dark Goddess Kali… yet Kali’s dance can only take place on the substratum of Lord Shiva’s stillness and wisdom.

The morning yoga practice is a dynamic vinyasa flow progressively building the ‘Kali Namaskarah’ sequence to become a daily self-practice. The afternoon yoga practice is a clinic providing a deeper technical understanding of the postures and breath. The afternoon class begins later than our other retreats, giving students more time in the middle of the day to rest, rejuvenate and spend time with Amma. Each yoga class finishes with a meditation to experience the silence of the Self. The daily satsanga in this intermediate retreat takes place in the evening and is followed by a meditation to complete the day.

One of the most unique aspects of this retreat is the group seva (selfless service) component. Love and service in community is central to Amma’s message for world peace. After breakfast each day, the class will go to a different department in the ashram to work on a special project. Various tasks will be available depending on the individual’s energy level on that day. Some of the projects could include Amala Bharatham Campaign (ABC), Rudraksha Farm, Tulasi Garden, Yoga Shala and the Kali Temple.

Retreat Summary

  • 2 Yoga Asana Classes (per day)
  • Kali Namaskarah Sequence
  • 3 Meditations (per day)
  • 6 Evening Satsanga
  • 7 Seva Projects
  • Kali Puja
  • Ashram Daily Schedule (including archana, bhajana, Amma’s darshan, beach meditation and satsanga)

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have completed either:

  • Two-Week Immersion Program OR
  • 4-Day Intensive Course (Level 2) OR
  • Have a minimum of 1-year dedicated yoga practice (3-4 days/week)

**Please note that Sirsasana, Sarvangasana and Urdhva Dhanurasana are a part of the Kali Namaskarah sequence. Applicants are advised to be relatively comfortable with these postures (supported is ok) or in adequate condition to begin learning them.