amritayoga.com_Yoga Talks_God is Everywhere-Expressing My ExperienceEverything in life is just joyful when you are able to see God everywhere in the whole of the creation. Life is blissful when we look at it with eyes of gratitude, feeling it as a present from God for the progress of our soul and enjoyment.


We are not alone; we are blessed and guided in every moment of our lives, even in the hard ones—when we learn the most important lessons. We can feel God in everything we do, every place we go, everyone we interact with.  From my personal experience, there is one place I can feel the presence of God more intensely, and that is nature itself. The peace and joy I feel when I am surrounded by the magnificent treasures of landscapes by the sea, the grass, the trees and the mountains are indescribable. When I can hear the singing of birds, feel the sun and the wind on my skin, gaze at the clouds and the sky and start to feel one with all of it, like a tree with profound roots right down into earth, and the leaves looking to heaven. I rejoice. Then I can start ‘guessing’ the presence of God beyond all this theatre before my eyes offered for my enjoyment.


This sense of immensity, eternity and blissful existence behind all apparent existence is the spark that motivates my meditation and takes me deeper and deeper.

I start observing things from behind, just enjoying being there as a witness, feeling how the senses are coming more and more within, letting the clouds of thoughts come and go till they dissolve in a sky of peace.


The presence of God can then enter slowly, caressing my whole being.

At that point, my body is not big enough to keep inside this growing presence.

A sense of gratitude, immense love and expanding light starts to fill all layers of my existence, and keeps expanding around to other existences, other worlds.

I deeply merge into that ocean, guessing it is God talking to me in that language of pure feelings and love, merging my mind, body and spirit into his arms.

I feel a part of it—a single drop of the ocean, but yet a part of the ocean itself.

The waves are coming and going, but I stay still, feeling I am getting closer to my true essence, feeling I am going back home.

In such intimate moments, sweet words come to my mind—a profound prayer from my heart to the Divine:

“God, enter in my life like the sun enters in a dark room when the windows are open. Keep my windows and doors always opened to you. Illumine my life with your loving rays of compassion.

Let me see your divine face and experience the infinitude of your presence.

Guide my soul on the path towards self-realization and walk with me along this faithful dream. Stay with me, by my side… for I don’t know how it must be done. Only You have the knowledge. Only You are Existence and Bliss.

Let me believe in you, surrender to you, have faith in you, become a purer and purer instrument of yours. Keep inspiring me so I can be of better service.

I take refuge in you.

Dear God, fill me with your light… and let me be a light for all.”


Everything becomes smoother when I do not strain, when I am just being and not trying, when I become that calmer presence within, thanking what I am already experiencing. Not wanting more, just thanking to have reached so far, and being open for further progress, when the perfect moment arises…


It comes to my mind:

“Try… but not too hard. Don’t strain yourself. Be soft like the clouds. Enjoy. Just be there. Don’t expect anything to happen. Don’t expect miracles or visions. Just surround yourself with love. Emanate and receive love. Become ONE with love… with God. Enjoy the bliss, the peace, the glory. This is the way to get closer to Me.”


Then I go back to nature… birds are surrounding me, singing for me, flying so close that I can hear and feel their wings moving around. I feel God in those birds. I feel I am one with them, experiencing their flight, their fast acrobatics in the air. I am one with their joy and entertainment while they are graciously playing with the wind.


I slowly start to come back to the senses and realize where I am. Everything around seems different, as if seen from another perspective. Everything seems surreal, a dream that has just come true, a colorful theatre before my eyes.


I just stay, observing, breathing in and out keeping that feeling of peace arising from within. The sky stays still even when the clouds are moving.

Filled with a sense of gratitude, I dedicate my practice to all beings in all the worlds and send my love to God, all Masters and Gurus, and our most beloved Amma for their support in this wonderful journey.


Trying to keep this peaceful mind, I come back to the world with my feet on the ground and my eyes kept in God… God, as my friend, my beloved, my Heavenly Father, my Divine Mother—God as the center of my life.

“Love… pervades my heart.

Infinite. Love. Peace. God everywhere. Everyday. Magic. Happiness. You. Me. All. ONE”


Author: Silvia Hidalgo Daya