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“Out of one thousand, one seeks me, and out of one thousand who seek me, one knows me.” — Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita.


What if you were that lucky one?


All is possible with love, grace, perseverance and the mind fixed on the goal. The faithful devotee is then able to know God in this life time. But sometimes, no matter our efforts, this happy ending seems to be so far away.


This perception is because of our expectations. Even in spiritual life, we expect to get results as soon as possible. We think, I want to get enlightened… and I want it now!


We often forget how much we already have and how much we have to be grateful for. Sometimes we look for visions or experiences based on theories of what is supposed to be right, but there is a time for everybody and every one of us is receiving exactly what he or she can manage at the present moment. There are many signs of spiritual development that may be passing by unnoticed.


“Do not be charmed and satisfied by beautiful gardens of mental miracles such as you may come across as you advance on the pathway.

Seek permanent, ever new joy, the dynamo from which all powers come. With determination and never-ceasing effort, plunge forward and tear asunder the veils that hide His presence.”

— Paramahansa Yogananda


The growing joy and love within, the desire to be better day by day, and unceasing faith and determination are the keys.


We may trust in our process, not pushing too hard but enjoying the way and surrendering our efforts to God. Our Divine Mother is taking care of us, guiding our paths towards divinity. She is the only judge, the real one, who knows all our efforts, our improvements and mistakes…and, in spite of what we do, She loves us unconditionally.


No matter what happens to us, we need to adopt a positive attitude to learn from it and keep going, strengthened by the teachings we have received from life.


 “When a ship is in the sea, it has to weather storms, rough seas and may even encounter whales or sharks.”

“A real yogi is one who can maintain a peaceful mind in the midst of any crisis.”— Amma


How can I learn from my own experience?

In my life, God did not want to give me many mental miracles or powers or visions, with which I would be apparently satisfied. Maybe He knows that I could be easily seduced by them and give them much more importance than necessary.


Many times I have tried too hard. My mind often wanders during my meditations, easily disturbed by sense distractions.


I have been longing for light, but I am still immersed in darkness. I strive to see light, but only darkness appears before my eyes.


Yet, instead of being discouraged, I keep on trying. The best thing I can do is to try.  Thanks to God, I have the gift of patience, perseverance and determination. Concerning my sadhana (spiritual practice), I feel like the train that goes on the rails, the path well defined before my eyes.


The treasures of peace and love are growing within me, surrounding every aspect of my life, and filling it with a mystic halo of growing consciousness. I do not understand many things, but I can start to grasp the truth behind the apparent reality…the unity…the vastness and greatness of the Divine.


God is giving me joy and abundance. I see life as a gift, a great opportunity to do better than yesterday and live fully in the present, with eyes fixed in God, till I can be able to merge with Spirit…again.


Meanwhile, I feel God within and without, in all creation, every day deeper, stronger and more intensely. Love is growing, day-by-day, like a magnetic current spreading in my heart and along my spine, leading me directly to a superconscious state. The feeling of love is occasionally so intense that it has to seep out in tears…, releasing timeless layers of pain and obscurity with tears of pure love and devotion.


I may have little things, but not great worldly desires. My mind, body and spirit are craving for God.


Even though I still see darkness when I close my eyes, I know His presence is there, here, with me, within me…my Father, my Mother, my Friend, my Beloved… my divine inspiration.


With my eyes fixed in darkness,

I can feel my faith, my longing of a joyous life in You,

the origin of all light.


the unreachable light

so far behind the darkness

unfolded before my eyes.


Extending my arm to that light

existing far beyond all darkness,

towards that definite light

these sightless eyes are not able to see…

the veil is still hiding it away—

the veil that hides away everything.


And I stay still,

observing, surrounded by darkness,

the golden star that I cannot see

but just guess about, pictured by the soul.


I am content to be here, next to You,

surrounded by a warm tepidity

and an encouraging certainty…

I am content with Your Love.


With my mind and gaze fixed in You,


the unreachable light

so far behind the darkness

unfolded before my eyes.


— Silvia


“Love sustains everything.”

“Without wetting our hearts with the tears of love, there is no hope for us or for the world.”

“Fill your hearts with compassion, then alone God can shine within.”

— Amma


Divine Mother, I am content with your Love.


I leave you all the rest, softening my zeal to control everything.


I surrender to you.


I will try not to hurry to see the spiritual light, to perceive things. I even have started to see darkness in a familiar way, knowing that You and Your light are always shining beyond. Then I can feel the sweetness of darkness… because You are also in it.


I am still learning to be humble and to accept your gifts with love and patience.

I will try to be content with whatever You give me. I will be content in You, because You are in me. I will learn to find You in happiness and also through suffering…longing for you. My Love, the infinite, I close my eyes, fix my gaze in You and I want to cry of love. I am in love with the infinite… is it possible to feel that immense and profound love?


Love is the driving force that keeps my spirit going on.


Mother, keep inspiring me to be of better service. Help us all to transform the world with our love.


Let me always be grateful.


May all be grateful for the greatness of life, for this wonderful opportunity called life.


May all be able to feel God shining within.


May all, with the grace of God, be able to move from darkness to light.


Author: Silvia Hidalgo Daya