We think we have perspective
The slant on what is real
The edge upon enlightenment
With nothing to conceal

pink flower among dark leavesSo turn on that television
The color’s crystal clear
There are 500 channels
The entertainment’s here

And, no doubt, there’s your computer
Information’s close at hand
Anything you want to know
Within a width of band

Don’t forget the vital item
Plus, those extras for your phone
The towering stack of memories
Assure you’re not alone

Will you be able to invent
Another point of view?
Expand the dimensions of your angle
To encompass every hue?

Is there something beyond all the color?
Beyond the mind’s conceit?
An element that lasts forever
That contains the entire sweep?

In the quest for knowledge
Outside of our of purview,
Do we ever look inside?
Where there is no queue?

winter scene with sunset through trees

Is the best vision an inner vision?
The best sound vibrating aum?
Can we have a revelation
Opening our finite tomb?

Of infinite eternity
There cannot be denial
Could we immerse ourselves in that
To answer all our whys?

And the nectar of immortality
Does it really flow?
Becoming what we always were
Quieted presence in the now

– Shelby Glidden (Girish)

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The Big Picture
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The Big Picture
We think we have perspective, The slant on what is real, The edge upon enlightenment, With nothing to conceal.