2017 Navaratri – What is so special this year?

It is after a long time that this year it will be a Complete Navratri. Until last year, we had one tithi (astrological calculation of date) overlapping the other. However, this year it will be one complete tithi, unlike previous years which had witnessed two tithis falling on the same day. One tithi followed by the other the same afternoon, this year, however, Navratras will last for all of 9 days.

For example – First Day is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri and she will be worshipped the entire day and this will follow the nine days.

No two dates are falling on the same day and this paves way for dedicating each day as assigned to the Nine Goddesses, per the ancient Hindu scriptures.

This year Navratri is beginning on the 21st of September and if astrological science is to be believed, this Shardiya Navratri is very auspicious.

Per the profound Astrologers, the first day of arrival of the Goddess will be very lucky and blissful in every aspect of our lives.

If you are fasting or just observing any rituals for these nine days, here are certain Do’s and Don’ts for you.

=> Dos During Navratri

#1 Begin your day early morning and go for a ritual bath. Do not forget to sprinkle some water in case you cannot wash the main entrance of your home. Goddess Durga loves sending her blessings to a clean home.

#2 The ‘Akhand Jyot’ concept is quite popular in Hindu culture, in case you have lit the ‘eternal flame’ in your temple or home, make sure it does not go out for the nine days. It can also be done for one long day and repeating the same the next day.

#3 Only pure vegetarian food is advised once during the day, it should be pure Sattvik and free of tamas.

#4 Reading Durga Chalisa every morning and evening will calm your mind and body.

#5 Offer only homemade bhog to the deity; if that is not possible, offer fresh milk and fresh fruits.

#6 Try to make little girls around you happy – offer them education or adopt them in terms of funding their education. It will not only work wonders for you but will also bring you abundance and happiness.

#7 Do not only pray earnestly to the goddess but also meditate on her energies and see your life changing for good.

=> Don’ts During Navratri

#1 If fasting this Navratri, try not to indulge in a wholesome meal more than once a day. Give your body a much-needed detox.

#2 Avoid alcohol and addictive habits and try to overcome them.

#3 Pledge to become animal-friendly and give up on Non-Vegetarian food.

#4 Try to avoid any heat producing substances in your food, onion and garlic alike.

#5 Keep your home space clean and clutter free as it will also de-clutter your mind.

Let us pray to the Divine Mother that all beings be blessed and be a blessing for this universe.