amritayoga.com_Yoga Talks_The Zen ExperienceAmrita yoga is not just for yogis; it is for anyone who wants to be more mindful. Amrita Yoga is for people who want to give themselves the gift of a mind that lives more fully in the present moment. Amrita Yoga is also for those who do not want to carry the baggage of yesterday’s rotten potatoes. Amma’s inspiration is behind the entire yoga program: from how to hold your hands in a sitting position, to how to rise from a lying position, to the signature movement, to the unique IAM Technique.
The instructors and assistants worked with me individually, using props, in order to achieve the desired results regardless of upper body strength, core strength or flexibility. In my case, I became aware that my back was not very flexible. The instructors coached me on the optimal way to position your feet during the warrior pose or how to prevent your spine from curving in a forward bend.

To me, one of the most notable elements of Amrita Yoga is the quality of compassion with which it is taught. In the end, if you persevere daily, you will reap the benefits of the course.
Overall, Amrita Yoga is a very Zen experience!!!
Author: RE Stoll, Grand Cayman, Student from Two Week Immersion, Sep 2013