amritayoga.com_Yoga Talks_Amrita Yoga Retreats at Amritapuri is For All LevelsHow can Amma be so inspiring for all of us? She is so encouraging and uplifting. No matter what spiritual background or personal history you have, she always gives something appropriate for you and your practice, whatever level that may be.


She is so generous and big-hearted, always ready to give on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. She welcomes us to practice Amrita Yoga by her side, to transform all our movements and efforts into a living meditation we can apply within our lifestyles. She offers us the opportunity of receiving her love and grace channeled through the dedicated Amrita Yoga facilitators at Amritapuri, who accompany us on our spiritual journey— kind instruments to help us open our hearts to the divine.


You may be an adept teacher, an amateur, a professional in the practice, or a beginner. You will surely find a refined and unique blend—an approach that will feel like something you were looking for in your life deep within.  In this all-inclusive spiritual yoga taught in the presence of Amma’s love, our search finds fulfillment.


Thanks to her grace, a deep presence may be attained while performing the various asanas. This facilitates profound contact with our own self, our true essence. We are thus working the outside and the inside at the same time, stretching and toning our bodies while also purifying the deeper layers of our mind and its tendencies.


The asanas practiced with attention and devotion, the veda mantra recitations, the breathing technique, the quotes, the themes imbued within each class, and not the least, the unique selfless service and personal attention given by all the volunteers all serve to make Amrita Yoga at Amritapuri a unique and treasured experience for each one who attends it.


There are many stories, many experiences after each retreat… and yet there is one thing in common: everybody likes Amrita Yoga, and the feelings and purification that one experiences through the practice, is what makes it a deep inner journey.


Everybody, in one way or another, is touched in the heart and transformed in different manners.

How can one not love something that comes from the heart? And, most importantly, it comes from Amma’s heart. It is a gift to all of us!


We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this ancient path of Yoga. We feel blessed that is is taught in an effective, profound and spiritual way. Through Amrita Yoga, we can feel the roots of ancient Indian spiritual inheritance and knowledge, and start to make it a practice.


Let’s take this opportunity and practice Amrita Yoga together, so we can be a step closer to our true essence, thanks to this ancient discipline.

Let’s enjoy Amma’s presence imbedded in every breath, every movement, every asana… melting with the calls of our soul that is seeking and yearning for our attention.

So touching.

So profound.

Yoga for all levels, for all hearts.


Author: Silvia Hidalgo Daya