amritayoga.com_Yoga Talks_Overwhelmed with GratitudeIn 2010, after many years of hoping to return to Amritapuri, I finally had the opportunity to take one of the first Amrita Yoga Immersions. During the first day, each of the 50 students (from over 30 countries) were asked what brought them to Amrita Yoga. I could hardly believe that I was in Southern Kerala, half way around the world from my young son and husband. As each student explained why they came to Amrita Yoga, tears began to flow down my cheeks. My reason for being there came from a deep place in my heart. Overwhelmed with gratitude, I explained that returning to Amritapuri after a 20 year absence was fueled by an unfulfilled desire to study yoga in the presence of Amma.

When I first met Amma in 1984, there was no formal meditation or yoga classes in the ashram. As Amma began traveling to the west, devotees were slowly introduced to IAM Meditation, but there was no yoga directly associated with Amma’s teachings. I had studied many styles of yoga since my early 20s, and for years I prayed to Amma that the appropriate yoga would reveal itself to me. So when I learned about Amrita Yoga, I could hardly believe it – it was a dream come true for me and nothing could keep me from traveling to India to study. I truly felt that Amma had been listening to my prayers and that my desire to study yoga and return to Amritapuri was being directly fulfilled.

In all my years of practicing and studying yoga, nothing compares Amrita Yoga. I have studied with several famous and very well known yoga instructors, but none compare to the knowledge, compassion, dedication and love shown by the instructors of Amrita Yoga. The devotion and peace of mind that I felt during the immersion has never been replicated by any other yoga practice.

My life continues to be greatly influenced by the inner love and peace that I gained during my time spent immersed in Amrita Yoga and the overall experience of time spent in Amritapuri. I pray that I will one day return to Amritapuri and continue to study yoga under the ever watchful eye and infinitely compassionate heart of Amma.

Author: Sarah Sudha, Eugene, Oregon, USA