The Significance of Amma’s Birthday–A Perspective

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This past October we celebrated Amma’s sixty-fourth birthday with considerable pomp and circumstance. More than a hundred thousand people attended the function, and thousands more served them. More than ten million rupees worth of welfare projects were announced on this auspicious day. Spiritual ecstasy, devotion to Amma, humanitarian aid, cultural variety, scientific recognition, awards for exemplary works—all these composed a beautiful rainbow over a welcoming the sea of humanity. Amma, in her dazzling white attire, shed golden rays of compassion and love on all.

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Normally we might celebrate our birthday by throwing a party for our near and dear or by going to a temple and giving to some charity. But Amma celebrates her birthday by serving her children more by giving even more darshan than usual, up to twenty-four hours at a stretch. Hugging thousands of people, giving them solace and taking their pain, is the unique accomplishment of Amma.

Amma in her white attire, shining like a dazzling sun, shed golden rays of compassion and love.

On this day we witness Amma taking on the pain and sorrows of thousands in exchange for the nectar of joy and happiness she bestows on all. The word Amritavarsham means this downpour of divine bliss.

amrita yoga standing poseOn this plane of relativity we experience good and bad, happiness and sorrow, ourselves and others. But for a personality who has transcended the duality of creation, everything is one, a oneness of bliss and love. If every moment is a celebration for the eternally blissful mother, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi then why this special occasion?

Amma in Her birthday message said it is her devotees who started celebrating Her birthday and She accepted it by serving Her many children who come to visit Her on that day. Till last year it was celebrated on the 27th of September; this year on Amma’s birth star, Kartika.  Whether Kartika, September 27th, or any other day, it is the same for Amma, who is the source of bliss.

Similarly, Amma emits love and bliss eternally to everyone

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The sun shines eternally and emits light. Sunrise and sunset are our creation. They are our perception, and they are relative to our location. But Sunlight is available to everyone. Similarly, Amma emits love and bliss eternally to everyone. Birthdays come and go. The more people come to Amma, the more She showers them with Her love. On Her birthday we are drenched in the downpour of this nectar, Amritavarsham, when we open our hearts and serve others at this auspicious time.   The union of  individuality with divinity that happens on this special day of Amritavarsham is called Yogam. Blessed are those so fortunate as to be a part of this unique event.

Author: Chandrasekhar​

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Celebrating Amma's Birthday
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Celebrating Amma's Birthday
But Amma celebrates her birthday in a unique way, by serving her children even more, by exerting herself to the maximum, by giving darshan to her children for almost 24 hours.
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