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Mothers Should Illumine the World

Mothers Should Illumine the World Children, once when Amma was giving darshan, a youth came up to her. He lived in a part of India that was ravaged by terrorism. Because of the frequent killings and lootings, the people in thatarea were suffering a great deal. He told Amma that he was the leader of a group of youngsters who were doing a lot of social work in that area. He prayed to Amma, “Please give those terrorists, who are so full of hatred and violence, the right understanding. And for all those who have faced so many atrocities...

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Amma’s Time Management – A Unique and Yogic Style

Amma’s Time Management – A Unique and Yogic Style Everyone in this world has only 24 hours in a day. In Indian culture the Goddess Kali is worshiped as the embodiment of time and energy. This formless divine principle, which is beyond time and space, has assumed a human form and is living in our midst as our beloved Amma. Like everyone else, She too has only 24 hours in a day. We can learn a lot from Amma, especially in how effectively She utilizes each available moment. Amma’s time management style is unique; we could call it a...

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MA OM Meditation and Mantra Japa

MA OM Meditation and Mantra Japa A bright blue-green sea with the sun going down was the view facing Amma, where She sat under the palms, encircled by her devotees on the sand. After leading a short meditation, Amma answered a question asked by a brahmachari. Question: What is the difference between mantra japa and the Ma Om technique as a sadhana (spiritual practice)? Amma responded, “All these practices are for us to go deep inside ourselves. God and Guru are within, but the mind perceives the external world and misses the Truth. Amma remembers a story of a...

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Yoga is Feeling Oneness With God

Yoga is Feeling Oneness With God “Every action, if done with awareness, can become yoga,” Amma says on the fourth annual International Day of Yoga. “The Sanskrit word yoga means to bring two things together — to merge. Some say it is the merging of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul or of the devotee with God. But, in truth, yoga is not a coming together but a moving away from the misconception that we were ever apart from God. There is, always has been, and always will be, nothing but Oneness. This is because there is but one True Self expressing...

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Amma’s Address to the First ‪International Day of Yoga (IDY)

“Today is the International Day of Yoga. Previously people did not need to have a special day for yoga because yoga was part and parcel of their lives. Unfortunately now we need a special day to remind us to perform yoga, just as we need a day to remember our mother and father. “In the olden days, people would wake up in the morning, bow down to mother Earth and then, facing the sun, they would chant prayers and perform Surya Namaskarah.    The whole time they were praying, they were exposed to the rays of the rising sun....

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