­Devi Namaskarah Immersion

forward bend asana at amrita yoga program-circle crop

Level of Difficulty
Moderately challenging. Applicants should have a minimum of 6 months experience with hatha yoga or have attended Amrita Yoga 4-Day Intensive Level 1.

Course Description
Devi Namaskarah is a sequence of 1.5 hours of asana. Moving steadily through beginner to intermediate asanas whilst maintaining a steady remembrance of the Divine Mother, the sequence is performed as a prayerful practice. It enables the participants to feel the devotional aspect of yoga.

Sessions begin gently and slowly build in intensity and focus; With the skillful use of breath awareness in a flowing asana practice, we weave together the set sequence called ‘Devi Namaskarah’.

The daily schedule integrates the 4 major streams of yoga so that students can enjoy a broad learning experience in Amma’s ashram. Along with 3.5 hours daily of asana classes, students will also attend satsanga, meditation, seva (karma yoga) and bhajana.

Course Structure
– 2 Asana Classes
– 1 Meditation
– 1 Satsanga
– Seva
– Ashram Schedule (including archana and bhajana)