national park mountainsThe InDeed Campaign for Nature is about action. It’s putting Amma’s practical suggestions – the way we use the earth’s remaining resources, and the way we interact with the natural world – into practice. It’s about what we can do now to help restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature.

There are six actions each of us can take, based on Amma’s recommendations, to help restore nature’s harmony. Some of them we can do on the weekend. Some of them don’t require any extra effort at all. Through a network of personal commitments and information, we can create a happier world.

1. Conserve Water

We owe it to future generations to conserve water. The free InDeed Guide to Water Conservation is packed with tips.  


2. Reduce the carbon footprint

The verdict is in – climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that global warming is caused by burning carbon-based fossil fuels. To prevent further global catastrophe, we must try to reduce the amount of fuels we burn.  


3. Plant a tree

Embracing the World volunteers have already planted more than a million trees worldwide. Planting a tree is good for nature and for the battle against global warming. It enriches our lives by making us feel more connected to the natural world.


4. Grow your own veggies

We don’t need a big backyard to grow our own organic vegetables — a windowsill can have an organic garden. 


5. Carpool

Carpooling with just one other person cuts our carbon emissions in half! We save money on fuel and parking, and help conserve the world’s dwindling fossil fuel supply.


6. Build a house for birds or bugs

When we build a home for bugs or birds, we experience being stewards of nature, and effectively worship the magnificence of life on earth.

Restoring the Lost Balance
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Restoring the Lost Balance