My joyful heartbeats bathe in blessed bliss
combined with sounds of nature’s magic score
while wind’s divine caress and sun’s warm kiss
lace lapping waves that dance upon the shore.

As foamy curls rescind for more I sigh
for hints of fullness, rife and ripe with life.
My arms outstretch with aim to grasp the sky–
belie all thoughts of human hype and strife
But nightly news chants hateful war-refrains
that strangle Gaia’s gifts–bring climate change
that holds us hostage, bound by greedy chains–
perhaps beyond what we can rearrange.

Let macrame of breath unite us now
in songs of hope and love–and humble bows…

Author: Rama Devi Nina


amrita yoga pink flowers at amritapuri smaller

Pink flowers at Amritapuri Ashram.