amritayoga.com_20-Dec_Hatha Talks_Feeling the relaxation in Savasana anytime, anywhereSavasana at anytime, anywhere!

Attempting to lie still after actively moving your body for up to ninety minutes can be difficult for anyone. Savasana is not a pose you can master through physical exertion, although repeated practice makes it easier to let go of the mind and sink into a much deserved state of deep relaxation.


Savasana requires our mindfulness without becoming lost in the mind. It requires complete relaxation without falling asleep – and a degree of inner and outer stillness rarely encountered in our daily life.


Using a focus on any element or aspect throughout the practice and going into postures without struggle by breathing consciously and with awareness on the breath will help us to move away from scattered thoughts.


While in Savasana, bring your attention to the heart center. Falling from the head down into the heart, the caves or the abode of the innate inner presence is to re-establish the link with the indweller. At this point, even our breath becomes secondary to our inward focus.


When in Savasana, other calming exercises that use dharana (one pointed focus), are also helpful. For example, you can try a systematic relaxation process where you progressively engage and release the different parts of the body or the major muscles of the body (individually or all at once) in order to release any tension remaining in the body, its parts and the various organs.


Another way to focus, relax and gain a sense of stillness is to place one hand on the heart center and the other hand on the navel center and breathing deeply, feeling harmony between these centers and in these areas.


When you begin to peel away the layers of resistance, the soul-stillness you want emerges naturally and spontaneously.


You can even practice conscious relaxation at home, at work, while in traffic with your vehicle, or in the grocery store. Replacing distracting thoughts with a mantra from a Satguru is an added assurance to feel peace. This helps you create a feeling of relaxation and helps recondition your mind to have a peaceful influence on your body.


Author: Brahmacharini Shobhana