What makes Amrita Yoga unique ?

Amrita Yoga is founded in the ancient Indian teachings of Vedanta, oneness of all things and beings.  Amrita Yoga is uniquely designed and dedicated to reviving and preserving yoga culture.

The body and mind are both interconnected and interdependent instruments.

Through Her unconditional love & selfless service to humanity, Amma, the unique master has been constantly reminding us of the relationship between man, nature and God, our true Self.

In Amma’s own words, “The World and God are one. The Creator & Creation are not two.”

Amma serves as the perfect catalyst to help us connect these three, thereby creating a state of equilibrium in the lives of people all over the world.  This connection and harmony which Amma brings in the lives of countless people is the true goal of yoga.

A healthy mind and body are vital for holistic living.  To ensure the wellbeing of both, the ancient Indian rishis (seers) divined the holistic practices of yoga and meditation.  Great Spiritual Masters, who have interpreted and adapted the age-old teachings, in keeping with the times, have shared this invaluable wealth to interested seekers throughout the ages, with the aim to elevate human beings to their true potential, as living embodiments of Universal Consciousness.

This is the unique living heritage of yoga that India has to offer, one that cannot be artificially created through a series of asanas, patented and sold like any commodity.  The value of these living traditions and teachings cannot be measured.

Amrita Yoga is a tool to experience these treasures of this ancient wisdom.

Student testimonials about the unique Amrita Yoga style.

“Here yoga asanas are not like a competitive sport, but instead are tailored to each individual as a way for them to use the physical experience to connect to deep truth and oneness.  Oneness not only with the whole of themselves but with all creation.  This is yoga that really does expand into world peace.

To hear experienced yoga teachers from other traditions commonly comment that for the first time they have understood the true meaning and experience of Yoga underscores the uniqueness of Amma’s approach.

This is yoga for real people, yoga that meets each seeker where they are, whether experienced or a novice, whether fit or physically challenged and offers a way for them to unfold both physically and spiritually.  Combining chanting, mudras, asanas, meditation and breathing this practice is taught as a guide for how to live life.” – Nitya, Australia

“Rather than the intent nowadays on the physical alone, with Amrita Yoga, I experience traditional yoga. This includes body postures, breathing, mental direction, sound and silence, connection with my inner experience, connection with others, and heartfelt mood.

I feel connected to and honor the thousands of years behind this and millions of people who have taught and practiced in this way in India, extending on a continuum to the present.  Amrita Yoga helps me find the unchanging still center from which everything springs, to know that change on this plane directs us back to sensing this source.  Amrita Yoga shows me the Light, the ever present still quiet place within.” – Meta Doherty, Australia