Story of Amrita Yoga
– Who initiated and created Amrita Yoga? –

There are presently many yoga lineages in India and in the West. This presents a question of authenticity of the tradition of yoga.

It is also a call to protect India’s traditional knowledge. Amrita Yoga’s uniqueness and authenticity responds to this call.

  1. Amrita Yoga has evolved from a living Satguru, a Spiritual master who herself embodies the Universal Self. Satguru, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, is also the Chancellor of Amrita University, and she is known throughout the world as Amma.
  1. It is directly formed from Amma’s sankalpa (the divine intention) with unconditional love and service to the world. The practices were initiated and developed under Amma’s guidance.  Such an opportunity for humankind is, in fact, something profound and rare.
  1. Amrita Yoga is rooted in the ancient Gurukul yoga tradition and yet is a completely new approach of understanding yoga practice based on Amma’s core philosophy of “Living from the Heart.” Amma’s spiritual teachings form the foundation of Amrita Yoga.  The teaching style is intended to reflect the simplicity and humility of Amma.
  1. Amrita Yoga stems from origins that have been part of India’s lifestyle from time immemorial. Families practiced yoga together in the same way that they ate, worked and worshipped together.  Yoga practice has been a part of sadhana (spiritual practices) since the Amritapuri Ashram began. Since the early years, Amma has always viewed hatha yoga as an integral part of our healthy daily life. Initiated in 1987, yoga classes at the ashram and centers were based on Amma’s message of Living from the Heart.


  1. The first formal Amrita Yoga class was introduced at Amritapuri in 2004 for the Amrita University students, and at various Amrita Vidyalayam schools in India. The unique teaching methodology of Amrita Yoga was formalized in 2007.  Since then Amrita Yoga has been offered to all age groups of Indians and Internationals visiting Amritapuri and at our centers worldwide.