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The Real Shivaratri!

Shivaratri is meditation on the real nature of God, which is Pure Consciousness. We go from the Roopam (form of God) to Swaroopam (His real nature). We start with meditating on Amma’s form, and gradually we realize that Amma is Antaryami (omniscient). When I see Amma before me, I know that by Her power alone my eyes can see; when I hear Her Satsang and Bhajans, by Her power alone my ears can hear; by Her power alone my mind understands what She is saying and my hand writes it. Amma is within Me in the form of Pure...

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Amma and Lord Surya, The Sun God

Amma and Lord Surya, The Sun God Sunsets on any western seashore are beautiful, but with Amma’s presence, its beauty becomes several times more. Amma offers such beautiful outings to everyone at Amritapuri on all Mondays and Fridays. –eNews Signup– First Name Email There, by the sea, Amma sits on a high pedestal so that She is visible from afar. Amma insists that She is able to see all Her children. This pedestal has two or three steps for several children to sit near Her. Tumban (the ashram dog) normally takes the full share of Amma’s left side. When...

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Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a Choice: Three Maxims for Joy Amma frequently demonstrates that happiness is a choice. Life may bring many ups and downs. Sometimes things flow easily and everything seems to work out. Sometimes we easily succeed in our jobs, relationships and studies or at our spiritual practices. At other times, it’s not so easy. We may struggle to keep our minds equanimous in the face of failures, losses, interpersonal challenges and internal struggles. This struggle is not new. Humans have long grappled with this challenge. Indeed, many of the world’s major religions and philosophies have put this challenge...

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Welcoming 2019!

Welcoming the New Year 2019! We are, with our Amma, stepping into the New Year. We are following Her into a new year. There is a practice in our scriptures that spiritual seekers do on their way to Eternal Life. It is called simha avalokana nyaya—the way a lion behaves while walking. The lion has the habit of walking some distance, stopping, looking back, then continuing to walk. So too, we, Amma’s children as spiritual seekers, should stop, or rather pause, look back and see what we have done so far while walking on the road to liberation. We...

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The Key Aspects Leading to the Goal of Ashtanga Yoga

The Key Aspects Leading to the Goal of Ashtanga Yoga “Athaanushaasanam Yoga” or “And now the instructions on Yoga” is one of the verses in the Yoga Sutras by Sage Patanjali. By saying “and now,” the great Sage is implying that, once we have completed the preliminaries, we can go deeper into ashtanga yoga practice. Before we delineate the prerequisites, let us take a look at the goal of Yoga. Patanjali says, “Yogashchittavrittinirodhah” (Yoga Sutras, 1.2), i.e. “Yoga is blocking or controlling the modifications of the mind stuff.” This is done through concentration and invoking ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ or the...

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